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Local Landscapes

Clifton Hill

Clifton Hill

Taking delight in our local landscape brings us happiness. Sometimes we  think we need the exotic holiday to be happy but I know that within walking distance from my home there are walks of such beauty that can take your breath away. A little bit of water, a creek or a river, some natural vegetation and a pathway through can sometimes be enough to lift the spirits of a despondent person. Nauseatingly-Nice Fanny Price in Mansfield Park appreciates the landscape; she notices “the bearings of the roads, the difference of the soil, the state of the harvest, the cottagers, the cattle”. This is contrasted with Mercenary-Mary who saw “nature inanimate nature, with little observation her attention was all for men and women”.

 Nauseatingly-Nice Fanny Price appreciates the natural: She is looking out the window one starlit night and says, Continue reading


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