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Learning to Enjoy the Everyday

Jane Austen lived here, in Chawton, during her...

Jane Austen lived here, in Chawton, during her final years. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jane Austen had much to say in an indirect way about living the local and everyday life – the simple life. To us in a time of environmental damage it may also be worthwhile for us to consider how others in the past lived a sustainable life.  That is not to romanticize the past or sentimentalize it but to learn from it and apply it to a modern setting.

Astoundingly in the affluent West we have rates of depression and mental illness that startle us. Why? Continue reading

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Jane and the Prince Regent

Prince Regent, Future George IV / Prince régen...

Prince Regent, Future George IV / Prince régent, futur George IV (Photo credit: BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives)

An interesting story about Jane, highlighting her modern credentials, is her diplomatic wrangling of dedicating Emma to the Prince Regent. Apparently he had enjoyed the previous Austen books, had copies in his homes and was happy for Jane to dedicate her next novel to him. Jane could not politely refuse to dedicate her book to the Prince Regent when it was suggested. But she was unequivocal Continue reading


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