Slow Travel


“What are men to rocks and mountains?”

Sometimes taking the slow road can bring enormous pleasure. That’s not to say we don’t appreciate a fast jet on an overseas holiday. But there are compensations in the slowness of some things. Jane Austen appreciated the beauty around her on walks and rides and so it is always with pleasure when I think on the beauty of my countryside. In the southern corner of Victoria Australia, is  The Great Southern Rail Trail. It is a bike path made from the old railway line and meanders from the hilltops down the the coast with views that do take your breath away as you see the beauty of Wilson’s Promontory in the distance. As Austen once wrote: “What are men to rocks and mountains?”


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3 responses to “Slow Travel

  1. You do live in a beautiful part of the world. I love that line from Pride and Prejudice.

  2. Sue

    A beautiful rail trail, with great views! The Gippsland rail trail also offers great experiences, although I recommend one has something better than a fold up bike from Aldi to take in the hills!!

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