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What have Dame Elisabeth and Jane Austen got in common?

Dame Elisabeth Murdoch as a young woman and later, enjoying the simple pleasures
Dame Elisabeth Murdoch as a young woman and later, enjoying the simple pleasures.

Sometimes the modern dilemma may be that we cannot see outside ourselves and our own worries. Naturally our worries can take up an inordinate amount of time. Just this week I listened to a woman say that it is impossible to be focused on oneself if you think about others; when you are actively helping another, your own concerns seem to drift away. Is this why our very special Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, who passed away peacefully in her sleep this week, was so happy? Sure she had a fortunate life, but she chose to use her talents and her wealth to help others. She could have been jetsetting around the world partying with the hoi polloi  but instead she dedicated her life to others and lived a quiet domestic country-style life that reminded me of the values that I have so enjoyed in the Austen Six. Did you hear the story that her cleaner, Queenie, was finding it hard to manage her duties for Dame Elisabeth? Continue reading


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How could Jane Austen have anything to say to me?

Jane did live 200 years ago. She did write from a domestic point of view but within this she has much to say that can be generalised to us in the modern world. The interest in Jane Austen is now phenomenal  for very good reason as she had much to say about children, family, romance and marriage, feminism or the woman’s question, money, resilience and living the everyday life.


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